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IP Viet Nam and EUIPO sign the memorandum of cooperation

With the permission of the Minister of Science and Technology, an official delegation of the Intellectual Property Office of Viet Nam (IP Viet Nam), led by Director General Luu Hoang Long, paid a visit to Spain from December 11-12, 2023.

Group photo of IP Viet Nam delegation and EUIPO officials

The delegation attended the Director General-level meeting between IP Viet Nam and the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) at EUIPO headquarters in Alicante on December 11, 2023 as part of the business trip.

In the meeting, Mr. João Negrão, the Executive Director of EUIPO, provided an overview of the organization and its recent developments.

As the intellectual property (IP) office responsible for the IP administration of the European Community, EUIPO received 180,000 trademark and 100,000 design applications in 2022.

Mr. João Negrão added that EUIPO has additional functions in managing the geographical indication (GI) registration procedure for handicraft and industrial products, after the recent adoption of the EU’s Regulation on GI Protection for Craft and Industrial Products on October 18th, 2023 (agricultural products are still registered with the European Commission). Applicants can register GIs for such products as from December 1st, 2025.

In addition, EUIPO also manages the European Observatory on Infringements of IP Rights. This is a network of experts and representatives in the public and private sectors, which has no direct enforcement powers, but use their technical skills, experience and knowledge to protect and promote IP rights and support those directly engaged in enforcement.

EUIPO's international cooperation efforts are implemented through 03 main channels: bilateral and multilateral channels, EU-funded projects, and its IP attachés network. Currently, IP Viet Nam is enjoying the cooperation with EUIPO through all three channels.

EUIPO maintains the international cooperation with 90 countries, promoting the TM5 and ID5 cooperation mechanism among the world's top 5 IP offices (China, European Union, Japan, Korea, United States), and working closely with WIPO to promote international trademark and design registration systems.

One of the most significant tasks that EUIPO is currently working on is the Strategic Plan 2025, which will outline the organization's vision, orientation, and development goals for the next five years.

On behalf of the delegation, Director General Luu Hoang Long praised EUIPO's achievements.

IP Viet Nam Director General also thanked EUIPO for collaborating with IP Viet Nam on various activities recently. These activities have supported IP Viet Nam in raising awareness and expertise for relevant subjects through EUIPO's online training courses with diverse topics; learning experience and methodology to implement IP-related research in the future; and gradually developing a more effective trademark and industrial design search database to serve applicants and other stakeholders, thereby promoting IP registration and bringing benefits to the community and society.

Additionally, Director General Luu Hoang Long provided some updates on the development of Viet Nam's IP system, including the National IP Strategy until 2030 approved by the Prime Minister; the Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the IP Law adopted by the National Assembly; and Viet Nam’s recent accession to a number of IP international treaties.

Taking this opportunity, the Director General extended an invitation to Mr. João Negrão, the Executive Director, as well as the colleagues of EUIPO, to visit IP Viet Nam in Hanoi at their earliest convenience.

The DG-level meeting between IP Viet Nam and EUIPO

Following the DG-level meeting, Director General Luu Hoang Long and EUIPO Executive Director João Negrão signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on bilateral cooperation between the two Offices.

Cooperation areas in the MoU include the following: (i) Information tools and data exchange; (ii) Information technology (IT) systems for IP management; (iii) Classification and other IP-related databases; (iv) Alignment of trade mark and design best practices; (v) Networking and awareness-raising activities; (vi) Training programmes; (vii) Trade mark and design experts meeting; (viii) Trade mark and design statistics; (ix) Secondment programme for examiners and other staff; (x) Quality management systems; (xi) IP economics and studies; and (xii) Other matters.

The two offices will hold discussions to develop a work plan within the framework of the MoU that was signed.

IP Viet Nam - EUIPO bilateral MoU signed by Director General Luu Hoang Long and EUIPO Executive Director João Negrão

Director General Luu Hoang Long signs the Golden Book of EUIPO

After the signing ceremony of the MoU, which established the framework for the data exchange, the two Parties officially announced the integration of the IP Viet Nam's trademark data into the TMView system.

At present, the TMview offers free of charge, 24/7 online access to information on a total of more than 118 million trademarks with data from more than 77 countries.

Official integration of trademark data of IP Viet Nam into TMView system (source: IPKey)

During the business trip, both sides coordinated to implement a number of sideline activities, including sharing information about emerging technologies (AI, Blockchain) used at EUIPO, providing an overview on the European Observatory on Infringements of IP Rights, sharing EU legislation and practices on bad faith trademark filing, exploring EU's experience on developing, managing, and exploiting GIs./.

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