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Bilateral meeting between the two Heads of IP Viet Nam and DKPTO

On 23 September 2020, Director General Dinh Huu Phi had a video conference with Director General, CEO of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office (DKPTO) discussing future bilateral cooperation between the two Offices after the completion of a joint project in 2012.

Director General Dinh Huu Phi noted that the discussion with his Danish counterpart was the first Heads meeting between IP Viet Nam and DKPTO ever held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic occurring worldwide. He also welcomed the idea initiated by DKPTO in organizing this virtual meeting and expressed hope for new cooperative activities to be proposed by both sides. 
Director General Dinh Huu Phi and IP Viet Nam staff attends the video conference with DKPTO 
Director General of IP Viet Nam recalled the establishment of relationship between IP Viet Nam and DKPTO in 2012 that was marked by the Project “Implementing Quality Management System and Business Services in NOIP”. With supports by DKPTO experts, the Project helped build up capacity of NOIP (IP Viet Nam at present) in preparation for the quality management system and IP services to be put into operation in the Office. 
The two Heads exchanged information about measures taken by both IP Offices in dealing with Covid-19 with an aim to supporting applicants who suffered from the pandemic. Director General Dinh Huu Phi noted that the Government of Viet Nam decided to reduce industrial property fee by 50% for applications filed from 26 May 2020 until 31 December 2020. At the same time, IP Viet Nam allowed late responses by concerning applicants to office actions.
Meanwhile, IP Viet Nam Director General noticed that despite of Covid-19, IP filings as well as procesed applications were remarkably increasing by 3.6% and 7.2% respectively against the number of same period last year.
During the video conference, the two Directors General exchanged updates on the recent developments of each Office. Director General Dinh Huu Phi informed  that Viet Nam issued the Law amending a number of articles of the Intellectual Property Law and the Law on Insurance Business in 2019 to implement commitments with immediate effect of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). Viet Nam also commenced implementing the Hague system for international registration of industrial designs, after over half a year since the date of entry into force of the Hague Agreement in Viet Nam. So far, IP Viet Nam received 99 applications designating Viet Nam with a total of 180 industrial designs.
Director General Dinh Huu Phi happily shared with Director General of DKPTO about the approval of the National Intellectual Property Strategy of Viet Nam on 22 August 2019 and the participation of various ministries and branches in the implementation of the Strategy. To implement the strategy, IP Viet Nam handed in a number of tasks, including the project for the deployment of WIPO IPAS, procurement of equipment infrastructure and operation of online public services at level 4 allowing e-payment.
  With regard to the orientation of bilateral cooperation in the coming time, the two leaders agreed to assign technical level of both sides to propose cooperative areas, developing proposals for new projects basing on DKPTO’s strengths and IP Viet Nam’s needs.
At the end of the meeting, Director Dinh Huu Phi thanked his DKPTO counterpart for DKPTO’s interest in cooperating with IP Viet Nam, and acknowledged good outcomes of the joint Project 2012. Thereby, Director General of IP Viet Nam expressed his wish that in the coming time, the two Offices will closely collaborate in developing and implementing new projects./. 
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