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IP Annual Report 2022

In 2022, under the direction of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Office of Intellectual Property has focused on promoting the spirit of initiative and creativity to overcome difficulties to achieve encouraging results in all areas of operation.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic and overcoming the turbulence and difficulties after the pandemic, Vietnam's economy began to recover and achieved impressive results: macroeconomic stability, inflation was controlled, and key balanced trade was guaranteed. The highlight is the GDP growth of 8.02% in 2022, which is higher than the target of 6-6.5% and reaches the highest growth rate since 2011. Vietnam's foreign direct investment is estimated to be close to $22.4 billion, an increase of 13.5% from the previous year and the highest level in five years. The total import and export volume reached 732.5 billion US dollars, with a trade surplus of 11.2 billion US dollars (an increase of 7.88 billion US dollars compared to 2021)1.

The Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and the Strategy for socio-economic development for the 2021-2030 period affirmed that science, technology, and innovation development, together with human resource development, are in three strategic breakthroughs, to realize the goal of turning Vietnam into a modern industrial country by 2030.

In that context, under the direction of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Office of Intellectual Property (IP Viet Nam) has focused on promoting the spirit of initiative and creativity to overcome difficulties to achieve encouraging results in all areas of operation.

The most outstanding results are shown in the formulation of policies and laws on IP, the Law on amendments and supplements to  several articles of the Intellectual Property Law was officially approved by the 15th National Assembly on June 16, 2022, effective as of January 1, 2023. This is considered the most comprehensive amendment ever with 102 articles being amended and supplemented to further promote the use and protection of IP rights. The law is expected not only to contribute to promoting innovation and application of breakthrough results of the 4.0 industrial revolutionbut also to help this activity be closer to international practice and practices. In addition, the work of negotiating, signing, ratifying, and ensuring the implementation of international treaties on intellectual property continues to be promoted. Tasks and solutions to implement the IP Strategy to 2030 continue to be focused on implementation, which focuses on increasing the new intellectual property of Vietnamese individuals and organizations in both quantity and quality, improving Vietnam's IP indexes in the global innovation index.

International integration and cooperation activities through multilateral and bilateral IP frameworks in 2022 have been actively implemented with encouraging highlights reflected in the results of high-level business trips of the Leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the working visit of WIPO Deputy General Director Hasan Kleib in Vietnam. Many cooperation programs and activities between the two sides have been signed and implemented: a Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of the National IP Strategy, the Project of Building a Network of Technology and Innovation Support Centers creativity, the Project on Building a tectonic environment on IP; Online Network Project for Startups, etc. Along with that, bilateral cooperation activities with traditional partners (Japan, Korea, USA, UK...) continue to be promoted.

Ensuring the system of establishing industrial property rights (IPR) has always been identified as one of the key tasks of the IP Office to contribute to promoting a healthy business and investment environment in Vietnam. In 2022, the IP Office received 140,903 applications of all kinds (up 7.1% compared to 2021), processed 113,906 applications of all kinds (down 12.2% compared to 2021 due to the influence of several customer reasons). mandarin); granted 42,279 industrial property protection titles (up 8.3% compared to 2021). The total collected industrial property fees and charges reached 365 billion VND (an increase of 6% compared to 2021 and an increase of 6% compared to the plan). The Office has been and continues to implement drastic solutions to overcome difficulties and obstacles, speed up the processing of applications, step by step solve the backlog of applications such as ensuring the infrastructure system information, put into use the "Digital library of industrial property on the WIPO Publish platform" instead of the previous IPLIB search tools; continue to promote the implementation of the one-stop-shop, one-stop-shop mechanism and improve the quality of receiving and returning results of administrative procedures.

Scientific research, training, propaganda, and dissemination of intellectual property knowledge have been promoted and implemented in more diverse, methodical, and in-depth forms to better meet the needs of gaining knowledge and information of intellectual property in different groups of subjects in society, especially towards the younger generation.

IP asset development activities continued to receive special attention and promotion by IP Viet Nam in 2022, with a focus on implementing effectively the goal National IP Strategy and the National Program on IP Asset Development to 2030. IP Viet Nam has played a good role as a focal point in guiding and suggesting local governments in formulating, promulgating, and implementing mechanisms and policies to support the development of the intellectual property. There are 57/63 provinces and cities which have promulgated intellectual property development programs using local budgets; 27 tasks have been approved from the central government budget for the contents of raising IP awareness for scientists; improving the capacity of handling IP cases for judicial staff; registration for protection, management, and development of intellectual property for key products with export potential. In addition, activities to implement the Plan of coordination among the three ministries: Science and Technology, Industry and Trade, Agriculture and Rural Development on support for trademark protection, geographical indications for potential export products Vietnam's overseas capabilities have also been actively implemented in order to create favorable conditions for Vietnamese enterprises to develop and accompany them on the path of Vietnamese enterprises affirming their competitive position in the international market.

The year 2022 has a special meaning to all IP Vietnam’s leaders and employees, this is the year of 40th Anniversary of the Intellectual Property Office of Viet Nam (July 29, 1982 - July 29, 2022)  Although there are still some shortcomings and certain hardship, it can be affirmed that the achievements in general and the work results in 2022 in particular have shown the maturity and pillar of IP Viet Nam; demonstrates the role and position of an IP Office in the national and international IP system.

In 2023, in addition to successfully completing regular tasks, IP Viet Nam will focus on implementing a number of key tasks including: Organizing and implementing the Project on strengthening the organizational structure and human resources of Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam of 2021-2026 after being approved; Continue to complete the draft Law revising a number of articles the IP Law; Continue to effectively implement solutions to speed up the application processing process, research and build a Quality Control Department to appraise industrial property applications; Continue to be the focal point for effective implementation of the National IP Strategy and the National Program on IP Asset Development to 2030; actively participate in international integration and cooperation of IP activities; actively participate in international integration and cooperation activities, effectively enforce IP contents in international trade agreements; Completing the Information Technology System Modernization Project; building and putting into operation a level 4 online public service system;

IP Viet Nam believes that with the direction of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the coordination and unity in the Party Committee, leaders, and socio-political organizations of the Office along with determination, solidarity, and efforts. With strong efforts, compliance with discipline, and discipline for the common goal of the collective of leaders and employees, the IP Viet Nam will achieve the goals set out in 2023, and continues to be the central role of the Office in the national IP system, contributing to promoting the development of science - technology, innovation - creativity and socio-economic of the country./.

IP Annual Report 2022 can be dowload here (single page viewtwo page view).




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