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Candidate Recruitment for Training Courses on Intellectual Property in Japan in 2017

Candidate Recruitment for Training Courses on Intellectual Property in Japan in 2017

In order to support Vietnam in developing its human resource in intellectual property, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) yearly deputes the Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA) and Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation (JIPII) to offer training courses on intellectual property in Japan for relevant international partners, including Vietnam. The National Official of Intellectual Property (NOIP) is deputed by JPO to recruit and nominate Vietnamese candidates for these courses in the fiscal year of 2017. NOIP would like to inform interested individuals and agencies who wish to apply of the detailed information of the courses as follows:


JPO will cover all expenses including airline return ticket, accommodation, meals and commuting expenses during the applicants’ stay in Japan in accordance with JPO’s regulation.

Other expenses will not be covered.


Qualified applicants who wish to apply, please select the course desired based on the attached course list and complete the application as follows:

Application dossier includes:

1. An official dispatch from the applicant’s governing agency to NOIP appointing the applicant to join the course;

2. JPO/IPR Training Application Form FY2017 (following the attached template);

3. A passport-style photo;

4. A brochure introducing the applicant’s company/organization;

5. A copy of the applicant’s passport.

Application must be completed in English and submitted to NOIP before the designated deadline of each course. The submitting date will be determined based on the postmark. Application must be submitted by post with one digital copy (the Application Form can be kept in Microsoft Excel format) sent to the following address:

Research and Training Center, The National Office of Intellectual Property 386 Nguyen Trai St., Thanh Xuan District, Ha Noi

Tel: 04.3858 30 69 (ext. 4101) (Ms. Hoang Mai Chi)


After considering all applications, NOIP will send qualified applications to the Japanese partner and inform all applicants of the result. Unqualified applications will not be regained. If qualified applications outnumber the slots allocated for Viet Nam, NOIP will nominate these applications for the following-year training course.


1. Training Course for IP Trainers

Content of the course: Introduction to intellectual property law and educational, training activities to enhance knowledge on intellectual property in general.

Target participant: Employees of universities, research institutes, educational societies related to IP training and IP national offices.

Duration: 13/6 - 27/6/2017

Application deadline: 28/04/2017

2. Training course for IP Protection Lawyers

Content of the course: IPR Enforcement

Target participant: Judges, lawyers specializing in intellectual property and patent attorneys

Duration: 19/7 - 4/8/2017

Application deadline: 10/05/2017

.3. Training course for Practitioners Specializing in Patents

Content of the course: Patent registration, management and using

Target participant: Patent attorneys, IP lawyers, patent practitioners in private businesses

Duration: 22/8 -7/9/2017

Application deadline: 09/06/2017

4. Training course for Practitioners Specializing in Trademarks

Content of the course: Trademarks registration, management and use.

Target participant: Persons at patent/trademark attorneys and IP lawyers involved in trademark practices; or employees of companies in charge of trademark practices.

Duration: 4/12 -15/12/2017

Application Deadline: 15/09/2017

5. Training course on Managing IP

Content of the course: IP management, technology transfer and university - industry - government collaboration.

Target Participant: Employees from universities, research institutes, government offices, companies and other related to IP management/utilization.

Duration: 11/12 -20/12/2017

Application deadline: 15/09/2017