Tue, 13/12/2022 | 16:30 PM

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Geographical indication protection of “Soi Hà” for pomelo product

On September 15, 2021, the Director of the National Office of Intellectual Property issued Decision No. 4031/QD-SHTT on the grant of a Geographical Indication Registration Certificate No. 00109 for Soi Ha pomelo. The People's Committee of Yen Son district is the organization managing this geographical indication.

Soi Ha is a village in Xuan Van commune, Yen Son district, famous for its rare sugar grapefruit. The pomelo tree in Soi Ha was over 40 years ago, from 3 origin pomelo trees (sugar pomelo seed) then propagated and developed to date. Soi Ha pomelo tree conquers diners with its delicious, unique flavor and is honored to be in the top 10 famous brands in 2018.

When ripe, Soi Ha pomelo has a light yellow, smooth, fragrant skin. White juice vesicles are clear and shiny, drained, sweet aftertaste, not bitter, and not sour.

Soi Ha pomelo has a height of 13.10 - 14.10 cm, a fruit diameter of 13.10 - 14.30 cm, a fruit weight of 898 - 1013 g, edible portion ratio of 55.50 - 63,30%.

The product has Brix from 10.78 - 12.42%, total organic acid from 0.09 - 0.16%, and total sugar from 8.98 - 10.85%.

The specific properties of Soi Ha pomelo are due to the specific geographical conditions. The geographical area has a moderate slope, located along the Lo and Gam rivers. The soil here is deposited annually with alluvium, the soil layer is over 1 meter thick, rich in humus, pHKCL ranges from 5.3 to 6.5, CEC in soil ranges from 39.7 to 42.8 meq/100g, easily digestible phosphorus content ranging from 13.5 to 20.2 mg/100g, easily digestible potassium content ranging from 24.3 to 37.1 mg/100g.

In addition, the special production methods of people in the geographical area also contribute to the characteristics and quality of Soi Ha pomelo. The product is specially focused on the selection of varieties. This is a sweet pomelo (sugar pomelo) selected from the leading tree provided by the competent authority. The cultivation process uses biological pest control measures, using organic fertilizers, so Soi Ha pomelo has a naturally fresh aroma.

Geographical area: the communes of Phuc Ninh, Xuan Van, Chieu Yen, Luc Hanh, Tu District, Trung Truc, Quy Quan, Tan Long, Kien Thiet, Tan Tien, Lang Quan, and Yen Son town, in Yen Son district, Tuyen Quang province.

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